Some details about the owner of this blog.

Hello world. My name is Md. Shakir Hassan Khan. And I was born in Pakistan in the city of Karachi. Basically I am an secondary school student. I started my school life in 2006 and still going, i am now in class 8.
My passion or my interest, when i free I love to play cricket matches or play PC games. I have also bundle of experiences on Gaming for last 5 years. And i consider I have enough experience about Gaming that someone can say me pro gamer, Mean a professional gamer.

So, Someday ago, I was thinking i have good knowledge about gaming. So, i can create blog and share my all video game experiences to you. If you also love to play games & want to get update with all new and old games tips, tricks, hints, reviews, mission helps, free downloading and installing tips and from guidelines, then this site is specially created for you. You can subscribe our newsletter by just Put your name and email in right hand side box. And by doing that you will never miss any post from our site next time. So, without wasting any time subscribe us. Thanks for reading my about me page. And maybe at one time you will think this is a disclaimer page but this about me. If you want to read disclaimer of this site, click on disclaimer page from my homepage.